Life Skills Education Australia Inc.

Our Vision

Is to improve positive lifestyle changes and qualities of disadvantaged youth and youth at risk between the ages of 12 and 25 who are displaced from relationships, education, employment and society.

Our Mission

Is to help build awareness and support disadvantaged youth and youth at risk of drug, alcohol, crime, abuse, depression, suicidal contemplation, homeless, relationships, education, employment or long term social displacement as they endeavour to achieve happiness; friendship and meaning in their everyday lives. The foundation strives to achieve this by building bridges between leading edge wellbeing Life Skills Ed programs, practical team building development programs, self-esteem/self-development programs, educational and career opportunity programs.

Our History

Life Skills Education Australia Inc was founded in year 2009 by celebrity chef Outback Matty and later established as a registered not-for-profit organisation in August year 2012. The program educates in remote communities, police camps/police stations, detention centres, private and state schools, other organisations and off the streets.

Matty and other Life Skills Coaches from around Australia are devoted and focused on helping these youth make positive lifestyle changes and establish positive new goals in their life.

Outback Matty comes from another walk of life, a dark past as a struggling teenager caught in the circle of heavy drug addiction, alcohol, crime and family abuse. He suffered heavy depression for about nine months and contemplated suicide.

In 2009 he strived with ambition to set-out and help other disadvantaged youth with their problems, demonstrating to them that if he can overcome his problems and look forward to a brighter future, so too can they. He has since then taught and inspired over 5,000+ youth across Australia.

About LSEA

MasterChef Outback Matty, who is a protégé of Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Melbourne program 2007, which helped see disadvantaged youth overcome their problems, is on a Life Skills Education journey around Australia.

In 2009 he strived with ambition to set-out and help other youth with their problems, demonstrating to them that if he can overcome his problems and look forward to a brighter future, so too can they. He has since then taught and inspired over 5,000+ youth across Australia.

Matty will educate disadvantaged youth and youth at risk about his own dark past, how to ‘break the cycle’ of drugs, alcohol, crime, abuse, depression, homeless and other valuable Life Skills topics. He tells of how he broke his ‘bubble of trouble’ and took his first steps into making a clean positive and healthy change in his life.

A new beginning and a fresh start…



Celebrity Chef Outback Matty

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About Outback Matty

“Growing up in country Victoria wasn’t the easiest for me, and I especially hated school for many reasons. School wasn’t entertaining and I hated attending class. I was expelled three times at two different state high schools for my bad behaviour and lack of student performance. My last completed grade was year six whilst attending a local primary school.

I personally battled a lot of nasty obstacles throughout my childhood. A lot of these problems occurred outside school and then I bought my problems into school. I didn’t ask to bring my problems to school but that’s just how it was. You will find one out of three struggling students will have problems outside school that then reflects on their behaviour and learning performance at school. A lot of these outside problems go unnoticed, almost like depression, hard to spot.

To give you a prime example of what I have been through; I had ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), I did crime, petrol sniffing, I was addicted to drugs, I was physically and sexually abused, I became a school bully because I use to be bullied by others, I became an alcoholic learning bad habits from my father at the time, he has since then recovered and is a great father. I then suffered severe depression and tried to end my life, became homeless and lived on the streets, not to mention mixing with the wrong crowd of kids and young adults which influenced me heavily into making the wrong decisions throughout my childhood days.

My Life Skills Ed program is about providing a fresh, positive, safe and professional approach for Australian youth. I will be educating youth about my favourite words ‘Choice of Liberty’. These students make new choices every day, some have good results, and unfortunately some will result with consequences. I could keep writing about my whole life story, all I can say is ‘I have been there and done that’, so now it’s my time to pass on some Life Skills Education and valuable knowledge and help these young people to develop their lives positively and safely with the help of sound advice and experienced guidance”.

Outback Matty’s first criminal record 2002

The tower Outback Matty lived in when homeless 2003

Outback Matty when he was recovering from drug addiction and depression 2004

Celebrity Chef Outback Matty

From here I hope to continue to quench my thirst for knowledge and to follow my dreams and passion. I have a huge desire to explore the world and learn from the best life skills mentors and chefs. I hope to someday open my own educational school and training restaurant taking on disadvantaged youth and youth at risk, building them with the confidence and happiness to pursue their goals and dreams like I have proven.
My quote:
Reach for the Stars; even if you miss you will hit the moon on the way back down!”.

Student Testimonials

“The goals program was very helpful for me and I learned so much about what I want to do in life thanks so much Outback Matty”
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“I signed up as a volunteer and helped out with his life skills programs. It was a great experience and I really enjoyed working with the youth!”
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“This is so much funnier then having to go to school. The best bit is you get to eat the food after you do the program.
I love food thanks!”
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